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Nils Thorsson Ceramics

These are beautifully decorated and well marked Royal Copenhagen items by Nils Thorsson, various pattern number & shape numbers. They are all in excellent conditon and very tactile. Nils Thorsson was Royal Copenhagen’s most prolific designer, joining in 1912 as an apprentice and graduating from the Royal Danish Academy in 1917.


He worked at Royal Copenhagen for over sixty years and in that time designed at least three production lines, “Solberg” in the 1930’s, “Marselis” (for Aluminia) in the 1950’s, and “Tenera” in the 1960’s. He also produced exquisite ceramic pieces, many in high fired or celadon glazes, that are lesser known.


Thorsson always applied clean and elegant forms to the prevailing decorative trends, and his designs for the Marselis line are among the finest of affordable, beautiful ceramics for everyday use. Thorsson’s designs are also prime examples of mid-century modernism.