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  • Glyn Colledge (born July 23, 1922) took over the running of the hand-decorated stonewares department at Denby from his father, Albert, in 1950. The established Danesby Ware range was renamed Glyn Ware to mark the occasion.
  • A new range, Glynbourne, was introduced in the 1960s. Very early pieces had the Colledge signature incised, but this was replaced by an applied signature due to firing difficulties. Glyn would hold the piece above his head in his right hand and sign it by brush with his left. By the 1970s the signature disappeared altogether.
  • Colledge was influenced by Donald Gilbert, but his own influence in the post-war years was considerable and he is probably Denby’s best known designer.
  • After his retirement from Denby in 1983 Glyn continued to produce studio pottery from his home. He died September 9, 2000, at the age of seventy-eight.